Interior Design Tips: Lighting Art

Dec 1st 2019

A beautifully lit piece of art is the best finishing touch you can add to a room. It will add character and charisma to the room while also enhancing everything else around it. Good accent lighting is … read more

Understanding the Basics of Home Lighting

Nov 1st 2019

Lighting a room can be intimidating, and lighting the whole house overwhelming especially for the inexperienced. Relax. You’re probably just overthinking things. Lighting doesn’t even have set rules, … read more

Tips to Achieve Perfect Uplighting

Oct 1st 2019

Uplighting has quickly become a popular trend in both interior and exterior decorating. Many like it because of its distinct extravagance. Below are a few tips on how to achieve the perfect uplighting … read more

How to Upgrade Your Recessed Light Fixture

Aug 1st 2019

Recessed lighting has become an incredibly popular interior design trend primarily because it can make a room appear much bigger. This is made possible by two things. First, recessed lights take up le … read more