Creative Lighting Effects for your Garden

Feb 1st 2020

Many homeowners prefer taking guests to the garden than inside the house usually because the garden is the most serene and beautiful area in a home. However, receiving guests after sundown may become a problem as the darkness may drown out the garden’s magnificence. Below are a few creative outdoor lighting tips for your garden.

Driveway and Pathways

Illuminating the driveway as well as the pathways leading to your garden is extremely important. You don’t want your guests to trip or stumble on their way to your garden. We recommend a fixture that utilizes a spread light or low level bollard to push the light downward and reduce glare. For the main driveway, you can useLED dusk to dawn outdoor lighting to serve as marker drive-over lights.

Steps and Low Walls

Any steps and low walls the guests will have to pass to get to your garden also need to be well lit. You can install small LED lights on nearby walls or posts to illuminate the steps. Use one light every 2 to 3 steps and position it about 20mm above the step.

The Garden

Uplighting can work wonders for a garden. Have the uplighting shine on prominent branches to make the garden look bigger. Additionally, placing outdoor lights around the extremes of the garden will add to its depth by making the full size of the garden obvious. Lighting large trees and hedges will help create a 3D effect that will surely enthrall your guests.

Plants and Rockery

Placing lighting in between rocks and stones will create shadows and shapes that will enhance the garden’s atmosphere and scenery. Use small low level LED spoke lights for to accomplish this accent lighting task. Rockery areas are also good places for downlighting using spread lights. Twin adjustable spike lights give you plenty of freedom to downlight or highlight two objects at the same time.

Water Features

If you have water like a fountain or miniature pond in your garden, good lighting is the best way to make it come to life. Most popular way of doing so is by using fully submersible IP68 lights that will illuminate from below. The water will cause the light to reflect and refract creating a faint aura on the rest of the garden.