Outdoor Recessed Light Cover

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  • Got Bugs in your Can Lights? Our can light covers are an inexpensive solution to your problem. Made of clear plastic, simply screw the lens over you existing can lights to prevent the pests from coming in.
  • Stops all kinds of Pests and Insects – Wasps, Yellow Jackets, Mud/Dirt Daubers, Bats, Flys, Birds, Soffit Bugs, Beetles, and Spiders.
  • Works great with Recessed Lighting - BR30, BR40 bulbs and Fluorescent Lighting. Great for the Porch, Patio, Entry Ways, Soffits, Eaves and Garages.
  • Easy to Install – Uses just four screws and can cover a trim ring up to 7.83” in diameter.
  • Aesthetically Pleasing – no need to paint with our clear finish. Lens screws directly onto surrounding elements of your Can Light, so it doesn’t rely on the “strength” of your current setup at all.