Solar Powered Flood Light

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  • SMART MOTION SENSOR – Our lights have the ability to sense motion. For the first 5 hours of operation our lights will operate in a low power mode. When motion is detected; they will come to full brightness, and stay at that level until no motion is sensed. It will go back to low power mode in 20 seconds. After 5 hours of operation, the light will turn off to save energy, and only turn on when motion is sensed. The light will still go to low power mode after 20 seconds.
  • HOW TO BUY A SOLAR LIGHT – With Solar lights the most two important factors are Light Output which is measured in Lumens, Battery Size measured maH and Solar Panel size . The vast majority of Solar Lights found online are Consumer Grade with a light output of 300-900 Lumens and a battery size of 1000-3000 maH. Commercial grade lights will have light output of over 1000 lumens and 10,000 maH batteries.
  • EASY TO INSTALL - No wiring or electrical experience required, install anywhere with hardware included around the house, patio, courtyard, entrance, front or back door, street, garden, wall