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How to Illuminate Your Yard with Landscaping Light

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Make your yard even more stunning during the night that it is during the day by installing landscaping light. Here are the steps you need to perform this task.

1. Define Your Purpose

Adding landscaping light to your yard needs to have a specific goal or set of goals. Without an objective, you won’t be able to gauge whether you’ve succeeded or not. Here are a few examples of possible goals for installing landscape lighting:

Set a soft, romantic mood during evening hours.

Illuminate shadowy spots for security reasons.

Light the boundaries of pathways

Highlight some features such as a fountain or pond.

2. Make a Sketch

Make a thorough sketch of your yard. Include in the sketch all sources of light as well as the objects that can reflect or absorb light. Mark the objects with an estimate of their height. Things that should appear on your sketch include:

Existing lights


Trees and shrubs



3. Identify Locations

Select the specific spots in your yard where you want the landscaping light to be installed. The location and nearby objects will determine which lighting strategies are available to you. Here are a few examples:

To illuminate a bench, you can place a pole lamp behind it.

To light a pathway, you can place short stake lights along its borders.

To enhance a fountain, you can shine a spotlight on it.

To achieve a soft mood in the garden, you can place small uplighting bulbs under the shrubs.

4. Hire or Do It Yourself

Going DIYer or hiring a professional will determine the lighting options available to you. If you want to do everything yourself, then limit your choices to low-voltage landscape lighting since they are relatively easy to install, requiring only a receptacle and a transformer. On the other hand, if you hire an electrician, you can choose any type of lighting fixture you want.

5. Set the Budget

Now that you have a detailed plan, it’s time to choose the materials. First, set a budget. Then check online marketplaces like Amazon to see available light fixtures and get an idea of their respective costs. Make your selection oflandscaping light solutions that fit in your budget. We suggest going for LEDs as they are 80-90% more efficient and last more than 10 times longer.

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